Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Took my class to the job fair today; they really enjoyed it! The employers were giving out pens, pencils, knick knacks, candy, etc...so it was quite enjoyable. A couple of my students were interested in promoting their Spanish language skills, and some of the employers seemed to be interested. I hope something comes out of this..it is nice to see my students be given an opportunity.

Tomorrow is the finally of my grant..YEPEE. I'm glad that it is almost over with. The grant encompassed the Basic Skills students reading a book, "The Body Farm" and completing the study guide. If they do this, then they get to particpate in solving a re-enactment of a crime scene! This is being done by someone who trains CSI people! I think it will be exciting, but the downside of this is..most of the instructors were not enthused about this. I truly don't understand this....this is an opportunity for students who do not have their GED or high school diploma to experience something that is "out of the box". So..since the instructors seemed to NOT encourage this, I do not have many students to particpate in this project. I have only 16 students to sign up for this...out of 500-600 students!! How sad! I truly hope all of the students that signed up for this will show up for this project. The state (who gave me the grant) wants me to do a CSI 2...I will have to really consider this...at this point, the answer is NO.

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Ali Rae said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Until your post, I wasn't sure if anyone but my family and friends were reading it. Welcome!

I'm sorry to hear you didn't get into the Nike Women's Marathon. Hey, there is always another year! I know you won't run it with your Mom, but you'll have your turn for sure.

I'm enjoying reading your blog too. Great music! Please keep in touch. : ) Ali