Monday, April 7, 2008

ESL classes went well today. My morning class is so incredibly enthusiastic about learning. It's a pleasure to teach this class; my night class was wonderful too. My students were able to make the connections between percents, decimals and fractions. I almost cried with joy; it has been difficult to teach this class in English and for the students to understand it in English. However, I think we made a breakthrough!

I didn't run today, work was hectic so I wasn't able to get it in. I'm worried because I'm not trained for the 1/2 marathon this coming up weekend. I'm truly not trained for it, so why am I running it? I must be out of my mind. I don't want to get injured. I've read some other blogs and found some interesting insights into running. Someone suggested the 123 approach to running to keep your gait even. For example, count 1 2 3..2 2 3...3 2 3..and this helps with running evenly. I'm going to try this when I run.
Well, off for tonight,


Malinda said...

nmuhzyLove the site!
Who is the friend who has adopted a baby from CHina? i have a friend here who seems to be stuck in the process

tommiann said...

Hi Malinda,
Yes, Kevin and Lisa..I have their link posted on my blog.
They are related to Michael and Deb.