Monday, October 27, 2008

Work day
I'm not sure if this will work or not..but this video is about much time we spend at work..and does it matter or not..does it?
Lately, I think what I do doesn't matter...politics, work politics,economy, and so forth..seem to interfere with what I want to do..teach ESL to adults.
I told my husband that I just want to teach..that's all. I think all I do now is shuffle paperwork, same ole story, same ole song, same chapter,same scratched record.
I know I make a difference in people's is the nature of my work. But, work politics is not helping any..what I mean is..I believe our new dean is not for our students..he doesn't know what he is doing,and thinks he does. He doesn't listen to the people in the trenches..he's listening to people who aren't in the trenches..sounds like our political climate, doesn't it?
I'm tired...I'm tired of not having "upper" administration not caring or supporting what we do. How long will our program continue if the upper admin. in our college doesn't see the good of people getting their GED's? Sounds too simple, but it's the truth.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Do you ever wonder why we make the decisions that we make? And do these decisions make us happy?
I used to love my job, but now the aspects are too overwhelming. I'm not teaching, and really not doing too much else. Most people would be happy about getting paid to not do much, but I want to make a difference. It seems that the college's admin. does not like Basic Skills and trying to not let us grow and help students. Our budget is short and we need to cut classes in order to make ends meet. This isn't suppose to be our mission...other colleges put in monies to help basic skills, but my college doesn't. Why? Our unemployment is rising from 8.1 % to more in Dec. 600 people are going to be laid off by May of next year in our county. Basic Skills is their hope, but how are we going to serve these students if we have no money? Where are we going to put these students? Why doesn't the college seem to care?
My supervisor is getting's difficult to keep pushing for our students and no one is listening.
The above pic is my ESL class working on their thoughts of the US and how much they enjoy living in the US. They only say good things about the U.S. and how much they love the free education for themselves and their children. Interesting, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My husband's dad

Ralph's father died Sept 30th....10 years after my dad..Lawrence's birthday is the same day as my dad's, weird.
It's been a very difficult day. Ralph left for Saudia today; he didn't want to go back. How do you as a wife, tell your husband he has to go? I didn't know what to do..his job is there. With the economy in the shape it's in, I don't think we have much of a choice. His job is an airplane mechanic...who's going to fly with the economy in the shape it's in?
He likes his job in Saudia, but he HATES being away from me. I hate it too, but what is the answer?
Andee has health insurance through this company. His other company would not insure's not an option.
With his father's death and leaving me, he isn't doing too well.
I think with getting back to a schedule, and the doldrums of the day, it should get a bit easier, but the holidays will be difficult.
This is the part of getting older, losing parents is never easy..combine that with leaving the country, and it's a recipe for emotional mess.
Well, that's all for now