Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Up Hill Battle

I have really enjoyed knitting..wish I was better at it. Bought some linen yarn..feels funny, but it suppose to be really nice after a few washings.
Ralph lives in Germany and seems to be enjoying it. Andee is Andee..has some good days and bad.
Bryanna had a benign tumor taken out of her breast along with surrounding tissue. Apparently, there were nodules around it. But at least it's benign. Not good in someone so young though.
I am having a difficult one to really talk to about my life. Married, single, categories appropriate for me. No self help books, or understanding of this situtation. Not sure I understand it either.
I am dealing with some Melancholoy...sorry, pity party.
People see me as strong, but right now, I'm not. Tired of dealing with everything...oh well. Feels like an uphill battle, with no one truly helping.
I have so much to do around the house..and I'm not handy with those things.
Wish I was, but I'm not. Gained 10 pounds too...yuck.
On the bright side, love knitting:)