Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Did the CSI thing today!! It went really well, not many students participated, but the ones that did, it was wonderful. They participated in solving a re-enactiment of a crime scene. I received a grant to provide this opportunity for my students. 17 students signed up and completed the book and study guide, only 9 students showed up. I was very disappointed in the turn out, but at least these students were able to have this opportunity. They had to solve two different crime scenes. One was set up in a burned out mobile home and the other was a car accident. It was really interesting. They had to make casts of tire tracks and foot tracks...also they lifted fingerprints, measured different aspects of the crime scene and took photographs! It was exciting to watch the students collaberate with each other. The chief of police, some detectives and a fireman helped the students with the crime scenes. I watched..not interested in this sort of stuff, but my students sure had a blast! And I guess the bottom line to all of's for the students and to open their eyes to other possibilities!
I only had 2 ESl students attend tonight's class; we worked on percentages with word problems for 3 hours. It has been a very long day.
I'm going to Raleigh for a seminar on Friday. The seminar is about immigration. I have a list of questions..I hope they will be answered.

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