Sunday, May 18, 2008

Military Ball

Last night was one of the best nights of our family's lives. First, Andee received the Msgt's award for demonstrating leadership and excellence. The highlight...Ralph presented that award! It brought tears to everyone's eyes. It was one of those moments that will continue in our hearts. Second, Andee won for the second year in a row....the TOP female athlete in ALL of NC state for JROTC!!! That is 180 schools!!! INCREDIBLE! No one has in history has received this award twice!! The Marines presented the award to her and even stated that she is a very special young lady, and No ONE will ever do this again.
For those of you who know us...who would have ever thought that Andee would overcome obstacles and challenges that were/are thrown her way everyday. Bryanna even cried....I don't think I will ever forget last night.

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Thanks for visiting my hubby is AF, too!!
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