Friday, May 16, 2008

Almost finished with writing a grant today. I really, really want this grant. This grant could help fund some awesome software that would greatly benefit our ABE (adult basic education) students. I truly hope we receive the monies; the software program is quite expensive, but it is effective. Many community colleges across the nation report positive result from this program. My only problem is..will the committee fund software? Our program is funded through a block grant and we do not receive any monies in addition to this grant. We are one of the few community colleges that operates off of the grant and not receive additional money from the college. It is VERY difficult to fund 5 seperate programs off of one block grant, but my supervisor does it. However, it does NOT allow the purchase of anything above operating costs. I hope and pray that this will be taken in consideration. If not, our students will ultimately loose.

The local community paper asked me some questions regarding the new immigration letter that went to all of NC's community colleges. NC will no longer accept undocument immigrants into the curriculum program. However, this does not include ESL/GED programs. BUT...the undocumented immigrants that enter the curriculum programs have to pay out of state tuition. This is 140% ABOVE the cost of educating a single student...I truly do NOT understand what the big deal is. ...Receiving an education above the cost, is NOT a benefit. And to add more to this, only 112 students across NC is affected.
I know that undocumented immigrants is a hot button political issue but isn't there more things to go after..for instance, cost of GAS, WAR, HOMELESSNESS, HEALTH CARE......I guess I'm too simplistic.
What ever happen to reaching out to others? Someone PLEASE explain this....

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