Monday, May 12, 2008

cold, blustery, pooh sort of day

Have you ever had just one of those days? Well, it's was mine. Can't explain it, but I'm not myself. It's cold and very windy outside, so I wasn't able to run (don't like to run in wind). I'm having some issues with a co-worker, not sure how to handle that one. My boss is worried about my position (I am too) and my husband wants to work overseas. Well, if that isn't just the "cat's meow?"
I know life can be much worse...and it has been. One of the blogs I follow asked this question, what is one of the best pranks that you did as a child? I didn't pull any pranks as a child (too afraid of my mom)..but as an adult, I forked someone's yard. That was fun..bought a ton of plastic forks and put the forks in the ground to spell "Happy Birthday"...I felt like I was committing a crime and still having some harmless fun. So, my question to myself and any others that may be reading this, when was the last time you or me..had some good ole fashion fun?

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