Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Friday!!! yea!
End of the month..beginning of the month's paperwork is due. It is also the end of the semester. I have to make some decisions..I think I'm going to close mose of my ESL classes for the summer. It is not cost effective to run these classes with so few adult ESL students attending. Last night in my computer class, I only had 2 students to attend. It is the end of the semester, and only 2 showed up. I am really discouraged!
I ran 6 miles today; it felt really good. I love this weather; it's warming up and the birds are chattering. I really love this time of year.
I've been following a blog about a person who is bike riding across the United States. He's from England and his comments have been really interesting. I enjoy reading his perspective. He's going through the small rural towns of the United States and has described the places and people that he has encountered in detail. I have to smile because he is getting an immigrant's perspective on our country. Ironically, it's the same perspective my students have about our area. Don't you think it is odd how we can skew our perspective based on one piece of information? In otherwords, we can base our thoughts, ideas, and perspective about a country, culture, or a certain person, on one piece of information?
Let me give you example, I think it is funny (curious) when I hear someone lump all hispanics as Mexicans? When in reality, most of my students are from different areas of Latin America? How about when I mention I'm from California, and people immediately assume Hollywood?
Just a few thoughts......

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Malinda said...

YES we judge based on ignorance. Makes me so sad. Had lunch with a wonderful Cajun French gal today. We had a great 1 1/2 hour lunch sharing about our families. She is Mark's fiance and when I told her we were so glad to have her in our family, big tears came to her eyes. It was precious. She was nervous I am sure but it was not some big inquisition. I gave her a small gift (reed difuser ... Lavender) and I think she really liked it. Be encouraged for YOU are making a big difference in lives one by one. Know the low attendance in class is discouraging. Love to you.