Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scott and my mom

Isn't this a great pic of my brother and mom? I haven't seen him for awhile. He's a great bicycler, and mom is a great runner..faster than me! She's faster than most people at her age! I wish I had their athletic abilities! My sister has that gene too. She has creativity and knows how to put things together in a fashionable way. Also, she's a great gymnist. Me, I'm a wannabee..just keep plugging along. I have to work really hard to keep at a decent weight, them, they don't. They are naturally thin and athletic..where did I come from? I often wonder about that..if I didn't look so much like my father, I would wonder:)

I am knitting a sweater; it's been alot of work. If it wasn't for my knitting group, I know I would not have finished. Kathleen keeps telling me "it's not rocket science", but it doesn't come naturally to me. I admire people who can knit and make beautiful things. Timmie spins her own yarn; she makes socks without even looking at a pattern!
My dream is to become an accomplished knitter, but I honestly don't think that will happen. I'm too clumsy with my fingers and yarn. I will keep trying because it seems I really like the women in my knitting group. I look forward to every Thursday in meeting with them. I listen to them talking about different patterns, yarns, groups and feel so left out, but it's fascinating to listen to them. Maybe someday, I will feel like I can contribute to their conversations.
The only thing I know how to do is teach. I love teaching adults, but lately, I don't seem to be doing enough. I feel like I'm failing my students, and colleagues. I'ts been difficult to meet the needs of everyone. I worked 12 hours everyday last week and still could meet everyone's needs..only scratched the surface. In fact, I miss my knitting group. I teach thursday nights, and they meet on that night...I teach on that night, so I can only meet them for 45 minutes. I wish I could stay longer...

On the upside...what about today???? I'm so happy about the new president!!!! HOPE, is all I can think about,,,,Bush sent my husband oversees and tried to take my job (he took away ALL funding for Adult Education)..thank God for Senater Kennedy; he put a stop to it!

My husband is leaving for Germany this friday; I don't know when he will be home. I miss him. My prayer is for me not to get used to being alone. I'm very concerned about that. I wish I could talk to somebody about this..I have no friends that would understand these feelings. Where do I fit in? Not single, Not Widowed, Not separated, married, but single? Who am I?


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