Sunday, November 2, 2008

my mom

I miss my mom...sometimes I wish I live in Sacramento. If I could move and not be behind financially, I would do it right now. I have missed out on my mom growing old, my sister's children growing up and having a relationship with my sister. I love my husband, but at times, I wonder what i have given up to move, move and move. And now, he's in another country. I wonder what God has in mind for me....I miss teaching, not doing that at my job because of the political climate and people's feelings about immigrants....the list goes on.
The political climate has personally affected my family and I wish that things could go back to normal. I wonder if this election will change things, no matter who's in office. Most people do not have the issues that my family have..a special needs child/no health insurance, a job that directly impacts undocumented immigrants, a retired military this election is important to us. I do not know who will get in office; I pray that the person who does get elected will care for the middle class family and will try to take care of us, the working family making ends meet.

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