Friday, March 26, 2010


I love Knitting...not good at it. Doesn't come naturally.
Finished my baby blanket for my new grandchild.
Ran a few miles the other day, but it's raining today. Glad it's spring break. I need a break from lesson planning. Graduation is May 14th. I have a lot of graduates this year...I so love my job. I get down about it now and then, but I got cards from my class. Each student present their card one by one to me yesterday. How many teachers get to exerience that? My online students came in to test..a lot of happy people. That made me feel good, but it was their hard work, not mine. I just supply the shot in the arm..the do the work. I wouldn't trade teaching adults for the world.
I am the lucky one.
Today is a good day.

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