Saturday, February 6, 2010

New life?

Wow, what a year..already.
Ralph is in Texas, then going to Iraq this week. It will be a good thing. With him in Germany, there was no end in sight. He has to work for Andee's medical insurance, and of course, money. There are no jobs left in the area. Bryanna's pregnant, Andee struggling with her apartment, what more can we do? This way, we could help our children and grandchildren. I wonder if others have to go through this..I doubt it. My dad used to tell me to not follow in their footsteps, and I think I have. Not purposely, but it seems that is what I have chosen.
Work has been tough, people losing their jobs, no money, and a new dean (I think he has borderline personality disorder)..he's a liar and can not be trusted. People wanting miracles from me..the company that I teach it's people think that English can be taught and they will learn it immediately. How short sighted is that? I have learned over the years that you can not change people's minds or hearts about diversity. It is why I don't go to church..Christians are judgemental. I'm embarassed to call myself a Christian because of this.
I'm tired of being alone. Sounds like I'm having a pity party..well I guess I am.
Well, with Ralph going to Iraq..our dream is to have a house in Oak Island. We are going to save for it. With the DOD, this is a possibility. The Dept. of will help to obtain our dream. Patti and Eric live there. They are our good friends..and accept both Ralph and I...both of us...warts and all. Not many people like them out there. They are struggling to find a nonjudgemental church too. I miss them so much. I want to see them next weekend. I hope I can.
Love me.

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