Friday, September 12, 2008

Eternet back!

I really have missed blogging. My internet has been down and it has been an act of God to get it reconnected. It's quite hilarious. Thought modem was fried, bought another modem, didn't work, returned it..bought another modem, didn't work, come to find out..bell south moved to AT&T and it was disconnected. Got the order to reconnect it and of course, my outside line was dead. Then took another week for a tech to come out and have it reconnected! I think this is an I Love Lucy episode in the present time.
Bryanna is doing ok. She's poor as a church mouse but making things work. Her school is going well..of course, that's no surprise. I always knew she was smart, too bad she didn't believe it and dummied herself down to match other people. I wish what we know as women in our forties, we knew when we were younger, things would be better. To hell what everyone else thinks!
Andee is loving her job at Bravos and really doing great.
Ralph is settling in Saudia Arabia. Interesting outlook on things..he's struggling with a different cultural perspective, but I think it does him some good. I think we Americans are arogant and forget that we are not the only ones sharing this world. Although...I do love being an American Woman!
ESL is still in the toilet. I don't have any hopes of it returning to its old glory days. Writing three grants..not my thing...I wish I could just teach. I love teaching and miss it sooo much.
I have had two of my former teachers ask for references..they are great people and know that they will be great. It's just that I wish sometimes the same opportunities would just float my way. However, I do think I'm where I should be for now...
Too much to type...

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